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Skills for Chicagoland’s Future is a nonprofit organization that was founded during the Great Recession, to partner with employers to get the unemployed and underemployed back to work.

As a data driven organization, we start and end our work by looking at data to inform our decision making and create programmatic projections based on the needs in the market. Additionally, as a collaborative member of the workforce community, we are happy to share the data we have accumulated from reliable sources, as well as models we have built. Our goal is for this information to create a wider understanding of the disproportionate and significant impact individuals must endure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the systemic race and gender inequities our neighbors have faced for decades and remain barriers to access and opportunity.

We are committed to regularly updating this data and adding new information sources to it. If you have any questions please click here.

COVID-19: The Economic and Workforce Impact

Racial Inequality's Effect on Economic Opportunity

Income and Wealth Gap

Current Job Demand

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